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Mapping & Mastering Physics For JEE & NEET – Part 1 | JEE/NEET Preparations

Physics is the game-changing subject in National Level Competitive Exams like JEE & NEET as the majority of students find Physics the most Challenging in Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations. Let’s look at how to keep building the concept strength in this Master this all-important subject from your School level.

  1. Get to the gist of every knowledge bit and express it in your own words and logic consistent with the main concept. Verbalizing in your own word is a game-changer in the long run
  2. Translate the concept into your Cue Cards in your own words and keep referring to them at periodic intervals – intervals to be measured in a few days only.
  3. Work out different variants of the central concept – however small variant it might be – and record them in your Cue Cards
  4. Visualize the concept-variations and draw your own flow charts or graphs
  5. Involve a small group of friends and exchange your Cue Cards and Quiz Each other – Challenge each other and try to defend your stance for all Variations.

In the next part of this series – we will look at detailing each of these steps with examples from concept areas in Physics.

Ajay Antony
Founder & Teacher,
The Physics Chamber

Excellent PHYSICS Foundation Training for Classes 7th to 10th with Mathematical Applications. For More Details & Registration Visit https://thephysicschamber.com

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