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Five Points To Consider At The Start Of The New Academic Year | JEE/NEET Preparations

  1. Leverage pockets of free time available in the school / while travelling. Small bits of 3 minutes and 5 minutes available to you in between classes / while travelling to/from school etc. add up and provide substantial chunks of time that can prove to be a game-changer
  2. Prepare short notes and cue cards to flip through during these small windows of time
  3. Make a small team of friends of students who also believe in the same process and engage with them during these pockets of time
  4. Do join a focused training Centre. As your skill level improves, a “delta” increase in your proficiency makes a telling effect on the actual exam. What you learn in Science applies to your Academic Progress as well
  5. Concepts Matter – invest time in the learning and relearning the fundamentals. That’s what helps you to solve problems faster as you progress in your curriculum

Ajay Antony
Founder & Teacher,
The Physics Chamber

Excellent PHYSICS Foundation Training for Classes 7th to 10th with Mathematical Applications. For More Details & Registration Visit https://thephysicschamber.com

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