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Have You Rocked A Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle Is A Perfect Example Of The Law Of Conservation Of Momentum. This States That Energy Can Neither Be Created Not Destroyed – It Can Only Change From One Form To Another

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Rihanna’s Song, Shine Bright Like A Diamond Has Got 1.3 Billion Views And Is One Of My Favorites. But From A Physics Perspective, The Lyrics Do Not Sync With The Science. Check Why!


Do Watch Out For Instances Of TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA When You Get Into An Elevator Of A High-Rise Building. Also When You Check Into A Hotel. This Cuts Across Geographical Territories.

Triangles and Batteries

How Do We Compare Similarities Of Triangles And Types Of Batteries? Let’s Look At The Common Nomenclature Used Among Three-Sided Figures And Small Power Sources

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