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Of Course, it will. We have Year-End Special Wrap Up Classes separately for each Division. Students of all Classes will also appear for Model Examinations in the Pattern of the School Final Exams / Board Examinations – in the area of Physics.

Tuition focuses on your next week’s examination in School. And so, the coverage of Tuition is dictated by the coverage of portions in each individual school and each monthly/quarterly/half yearly exam. TPC covers the entire Physics of 7th & 8th Std and 9th and 10th Std during the Year Long Training Programme in Foundation Junior and Foundation Senior respectively from the perspective of building strong conceptual and numerical problem-solving foundation.

Your performance in NEET Exam and JEE Exam depends on your long-term preparation. Without a solid foundation of the High School topics, students struggle in 11th and 12th Std. And PHYSICS is the problem subject for more than 90% of the test takers. You require a super strong foundation in Physics for tackling higher level problems. Physics is the differentiator. NEET Mock Exams and JEE Mock Exams provide the full length test taking experience of the actual NEET and JEE papers. The Foundation Course provides a large number of MCQs in the forms of Paper-Pencil Tests, Online Tests, in the subject area that creates the most problem for students in the actual exam – Physics

This is where it differs from Tuition. TPC Foundation focuses on the larger picture of building overall capabilities. By the end of the year, students would have covered the entire syllabus of two Standards 7th & 8th AND 9th & 10th. So, portion coverage follows the overall academic plan of TPC to make students strong in all areas of Physics from the Entrance Examination point of view

More than 20 years of my Teaching Experience and my interactions with the Best of the Best students in this age group across India clearly indicate one thing – It is not intelligence or IQ that determines the academic performance of a student. It is INTENT – that is – a serious approach. Physics is a practical science and can be mastered using structured thinking and concept development. Average or Above-Average or Good or Excellent – these qualities quickly move into the background when a student follows the academic plan and works according to the TPC schedule. Irrespective of your current level, you will start showing improvement in solving MCQs within a few weeks of attending my Training Classes.

Physics is the problem subject for more than 90% of test-takers during NEET Preparation and JEE Preparation. Your Performance in PHYSICS makes or breaks your chances in National level Entrance Exams like NEET / JEE. I am a Physics Teacher. I can make a significant improvement in that subject which is the problem area for more than 90% of the students. Think of us as Specialists. Give me 3 hours every week and I train you to become supremely better than the majority of the students. You will start seeing improvement in a few weeks itself.

If you opt for Weekend Batches, once a week – either Saturday or Sunday.
If you opt for a Weekday Evening Batch – twice a week
You can call and visit our office to get further details of Batch timings.
Either way, we admit only 32 students in one batch and then admissions are closed for that batch. So, if you’re serious about improving your performance in the Subject that makes all the difference in Entrance Exams, call and visit us to enrol.

While covering each Chapter / Concept area – students will do a large number of MCQs that test the conceptual strength and numerical problemsolving skills. At the end of each Chapter / Concept area -there are Evaluation Test Papers. Don’t worry about Questions and Material. We have enough material and Test Papers – modelled after NEET Exam Question Papers and JEE Exam Question Papers – at the appropriate level – that it will keep students engaged completely and still there will more…

Of Course, you must attend all the classes to derive the best out of the Training Programme. The learning and long-term skill development happen in the Training Sessions. Minimum attendance of 90% is compulsory.

Results of All Test Papers are emailed to Parents. There will be TWO Parent meets during the year. Other than this, Parents are welcome to meet us after scheduling an appointment – outside of the Training Session Timings to discuss the progress of the Student.

We have a system that captures the entry and exit of Students at TPC Classes. This info will reach the Registered Mobile of Parents either as SMS or email as soon as a Student Checks in to the Class and as soon as the Student Checks out after the Training Session. This enables real-time tracking of Student Attendance.

The Physics Chamber Foundation Classes are aimed at building super strong foundation for National Level Exams like a NEET and JEE. The syllabus is based on the common syllabus of CBSE, Kerala State Board and ICSE. National Exams have a particular syllabus and programme structure is done from that perspective. JEE Main Syllabus and NEET Syllabus is the focus. At the appropriate level – 7th / 8th/ 9th/ 10th Std – syllabus is treated as per the demands. Remember – JEE Main Exam and NEET Exam preparation requires long term planning and Physics makes all the difference.

This is Physics Foundation Course for NEET and JEE. A superior understanding of the sciences and Mathematics will definitely help in the long run. Primarily the course helps you with NEET Preparation and JEE Preparation. Physics is the differentiator in both these exams.

Superior understanding of the most challenging subject Physics. Much faster Problem-Solving abilities. Students who follow the academic schedule, attend all Training Sessions, do all Test Papers etc will show significant improvement in the time taken for cracking the Questions. Exposure to patterns of NEET Exam Question Papers and JEE Exam Question Papers – at the appropriate difficulty level as per the Foundation Course Syllabus – is included in the Course.

Yes. Both Paper Pencil tests and Online Exams are part of the Course. The students need to get ready for both variants of the NEET and JEE Main.

I am a Physics Teacher. And I am a life-long sports enthusiast. Physics is about concepts, data and application of data to arrive at answers and decisions. So, let me give you an analogy here.
The best time that I’ve clocked during my College days for a 100 m sprint is 14.1 seconds. Now if I look at this data and conclude that my timing is just 3.8 seconds behind the current National Record and its just 4.52 seconds behind the current world record held by Usain Bolt, it would be factually correct. And maybe I could feel good about it.
But dig deeper from a competitive sport perspective, this feel good will be blown away when you realise that there are thousands of athletes in INDIA who can run a 100 meters sprint at timings between 10.3 seconds ( the current Indian National Record ) and 14.1 seconds ( my personal best)
And there are tens of thousands of athletes in the WORLD who can run 100 meters at timings between 9.58 seconds ( the current World Record held by Usain Bolt) and 14.1 seconds (my personal best)
In Competitive Space, everything is relative.
I was in School when PT Usha – one of the best athletes India has ever produced – lost an Olympic Medal in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Do you know the margin by which she lost the Bronze Medal in the finals of 400 m Hurdles? 1/100th of Second. Yes – you read that right – one by one hundredth of a SECOND. And the fact remains that Independent India has never produced an Olympic Medal in Track Events. The closest that our great nation has come was 1/100th of a Second to a Bronze Medal. And still, that was not good enough.
IITs admit only about 1% of the applicants and NITs admit only 2% of the applicants. Only 4.5% students make it into MBBS and BDS courses. In Competitive Examination Space, everything is relative. (Albert Einstein would agree !)

And so therefore, I always remind my students – There are no Silver Medals in Competitive Entrance Exams – either you get it, or you don’t. You don’t get any consolation prizes for coming in 1/100th close to a Medical Seat or Engineering Seat in a Prestigious Institution. In Competitive Exams where upwards of 12 Lakh students appear, Every mark counts, Every negative mark counts, Every Second Counts.

Great Question. Today we live in a world where information is freely available. And so is the case with material resources. You could borrow or buy Virat Kohli’s Cricket bat. Would that make you anywhere closer to a cricket player as Virat Kohli is? To be world class, you need to be trained world class.
As a professional who has created a new Guinness World Record ™ in a Science Knowledge Event – officially certified by Guinness World Records ™, London and as a Professional who has created two National Records in Science Knowledge Events, I guess I am entitled to speak about World Class. I want my students to be World Class, in their approach, intent and performance. I’ve been a Teacher for more than 20 Years. I’ve had the privilege to teach in several cities across India and I’ve created several Champions in Competitive Entrance Exams. Welcome to The Physics Chamber. I am your Teacher and Trainer.

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